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Delegate Steem Power

We have a streamlined Steem Power Delegation payment gateway that enable users to delegate and gain access to a secure VPN in the fastest manner possible.

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Private Payment Gateways

We have Private Payment Gateways available to users paying with Digibyte, Monero & Zcash. Users who do not have a Steem Account but want to use our service may also access the VPN via Email Registration.

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Dencetralized Exchange

Trade with us and Earn Steem Credit and Interest. We have a wide variety of cryptocurrency available.


Where Do You Want to Start?

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Steem Credit Score

A Smart Token Awarded to SteemVPN users Delegating Steem Power to Access the VPN. The longer the Steem Power Delegation is a active, the larger the amounts are rewarded each subsequent month the Delegation is active.


Secure API

API what? API's are what secure and control the communications between you and our 3rd party software.

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Coming Soon!

SteemVPN has a built In Multi-Wallet for easy access to your funds for payments and other cryptocurrency tendencies!


Streamlined VPN Access

SteemVPN is streamlined for Steem users who wish to Delegate Steem Power to @steemvpn.

Why Use SteemVPN?

Privacy is paramount to quality of living. When you delegate steem power to access a VPN, avoiding the use of centralized currency and credits, you will prevent you digital footprint from being used to harm you. Keep safe, delegate, and enjoy using SteemVPN for all your basic internet browsing needs;

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Create an Account

We have 2 registration paths. Steem blockchain enthusiasts and then the rest of the internet. Where do you hail from?

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Getting Your Access File.

Steem users are provided with an encrypted microtransaction containing a download link in the memo field. Tomorrow is now, Today. Email registration is also available. Sign up today!

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Configure & Enjoy

Set Up a Steem Account, Get Your Access File, FAQ, and Join Us on Discord Just make every part in between the commas into a hot link.

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Delegation Rates

Rate is 1Mbps VPN Tunnel per 200 SP Delegated to @steemvpn, this scales at a flat rate.
200 SP Delegation ~ 1Mbps
400 SP Delegation ~ 2Mbps
600 SP Delegation ~ 3Mbps
800 SP Delegation ~ 4Mbps
1000 SP Delegation ~ 5Mbps
1200 SP Delegation ~ 6Mbps
1400 SP Delegation ~ 7Mbps
1600 SP Delegation ~ 8Mbps
1800 SP Delegation ~ 9Mbps
2000 SP Delegation ~ 10Mbps
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All Delegations are a Fair Flat Rate

We have a flat rate of 769519 VESTS. This will make a fair distribution of Bandwidth on our Server reserved for Steem Users.

Delegation Amount :